Maui youth ranch

Special Horses loving special people

About Us

In 2011, Ohana Ranch of Maui owner, Toni Martin, started Maui Youth Ranch. Toni was inspired by the book, “Hope Rising”, written by Kim Meeder, the owner of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, located in Bend, Oregon. In her book, Kim shares stories of the incredible healing power that rescue horses have on emotionally and physically “broken” children and adults. Ohana Ranch has been a horse rescue facility for several years.

Toni has also been working with children and adults with special needs on her own in a limited capacity. Inspired by Kim and her husband Troy’s work at Crystal Peaks Ranch, Toni saw the bigger picture. She realized that there is a huge unmet need in the Maui community for children and adults with emotional, mental and physical disabilities to experience the amazing healing capacity of equine therapy. Toni, with the help of a few volunteers, opened up Ohana Ranch’s facility to Maui’s special needs community. One by one she witnessed the transformation special needs children and adults through the healing power of equine therapy. “We need to reach out to more people who need our help and I can’t do this alone” she lamented. Maui Youth Ranch was created with the purpose of creating a resource center for the purpose of touching lives.

Board of Directors

President: Liz Immarino
Vice President: Dr. Tim Patterson
Secretary: Tracey Pilgrin
Treasurer: Toni Martin
Board Member: Joseph Ciupitus
Board Member: Colleen O’shea Brady
Advisor to the Board: Bri South

Maui Youth Ranch a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID # 45-283 1823